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Plane in the Sky

Insiya General Trading LLC is one of the leading providers in Dubai of air logistics services and comprehensive solutions as well as offering individual transportation solutions to remote places. Reliability is what which every customer expects in today’s business. That’s why Insiya General Trading LLC airfreight experts create flexible solutions for customer needs around the globe.

We provide following Air Freight services for Import / Export - air shipments;

  • Air Freight

  • Consolidation

  • Break-bulk

  • Airport Handling

  • Custom Brokerage

  • Documentation,

  • Warehousing,

  • Insurance Brokerage,

  • Airport Handling Pick-Up Of Cargo Ex-Factories And Ware Houses,

  • World Wide Deliveries On Door-To-Door Basis.

  • Ware Housing And Distribution, Insurance Service & Brokerage,

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