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Insiya General Trading LLC warehousing facilities spread across three locations around the globe which are UAE, Karachi and China, we are capable of meeting seasonal, temporary or long-term storage requirements including dry, temperature-controlled, chilled and frozen. We provide a unique option to companies searching for a qualified logistics partner. With our specialised on-site management, we can provide you with a customised warehousing and distribution plan regardless of your company's size.

We offer the latest in warehouse management software, operate our own transportation fleet, run extensive quality control and sanitation programmes and maintain thorough training of our employees especially in effective material handling procedures. Together with our communications network that offer the flexibility of evolving distribution needs and our dedicated inventory managements systems, we can assist you with managing complicated supply chain cycles and maximise speed in the delivery of products. While we offer a range of warehousing solutions, our aim is to continuously find ways to reduce re-distribution and transportation and handling costs.

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